ImpSpace Upcoming Podcast and Giveaways

Welcome back, we’ll be doing some podcast soon! On X, formally Twitter, is where you can join us on episodes we record as well as the ImpSpace Discord server. If you are interested in being on, let us know! Don’t worry if you don’t create anything, you’re more than welcome if you solely view and enjoy the content of others just as we say in this community. We will post the episode date and time when we get that sorted out.

As for the giveaways, this is for all you Dreams fans in particular (United States only, sorry everyone else). We have some leftover Dreams Shop items that we’d like to giveaway. Most of these items are unfinished or have a defect but we find that you may still admire them. We’re out of shirts, however we have sheets! No, not for sleeping, these are heat transfer designs (ready to press) that you can apply to shirts. The preferred way to do this is to use a press machine but you should be able to iron them on with advice from a tutorial.

Next, we have Dreams and Discord themed stickers. Slap these onto a computer, water bottle,  gaming console, etc. Finally we have Dreams themed 3d prints. There a logic icon prints and character prints such as Francis’ hammer. Maybe you can paint and decorate these blank slated imp figures or keep them as is! Note, the purple one is slightly flexible and the yellow one glows in purple or blue lighting giving it a black-lighted glow effect. Of course sandbox jumped out of the game to be a 3d print also from this classic Comic Sands level in Dreams.

So, how do we go about doing the giveaway? We will make a post in the #dreams channel of the ImpSpace Discord server and pin it. First giveaway will get first dibs and get to pick one item they want. The following giveaways will be picked by us in what ever order we’ll give them out. We’re going to be using GiveawayBot (as some of you already noticed early), so if you are in the U.S. then you can enter by reacting to the post. We will DM the winners and send an email to you so that we can send you the prize won.

Dreams channel

Don’t forget to check for updates from us here at ImpSpace and on X. Connect with the community on the ImpSpace Discord Server.

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