PSX 2017 Plans

PSX Livestream Discord Chat

It’s that wonderful time of year again, and boy did the holiday excitement come early! We’ve got a few updates to share as we prepare for PSX this weekend. There is the ImpSpace beta 1.5 update details, DreamsPS4 news and of course a ton of PlayStation goodness to gawk at. Here’s a view of the PSX 2017 Plans.

The kick off actually started at the Game Awards in which Media Molecule revealed the new Dreams Story Trailer which we wrote about here. There is also a great impression from PlayStation Access giving you 8 Ways Dreams Will Changes PS4 Forever. That video is 29min long, so grab two bags of popcorn (one to spill and fly all over the place in excitement and the other to actually eat). Join us for the PlayStation Experience 2017 Livestream Discord chat on 12/9 at 10AM PST as we not only get more updates on Dreams, but also get inspired by these games to make something in Dreams! If you thought the PGW was pretty nifty, wait till you see what else is revealed. There is also a livestream tonight at 8PM PST in an opening celebration.

You’ll also want to check out a Dreams fan community periscope stream from dream bubble. You’ll be getting a view from an attendee’s perspective. In fact, if you’re attending PSX there will be panel for fans of Dreams to ask questions, so make sure you think of everything you can. Get Media Molecule to spill the beans on anything Dreams related while you have them there!

ImpSpace 1.5 beta update

We’ve made new improvements to the site in preparation for the Dreams beta and full game released in 2018. YES, Dreams releases in 2018! Here’s the main quick rundown of what we did. We fixed the login issues where a handful of people couldn’t login (before the maintenance period). The social sign-in is turned off at the moment but you will still be able to sign in with the username and password you have created. If you were unable to create one or the email didn’t push through, email us and we’ll fix it for you. Both sign up processes were pretty much equally as short in creation time so no worries 🙂

We tuned the forums up more and the visuals are more personalized from you site profile details. There is now a “Share” section in the Dreams forums. Other slight tweaks were made and this all will come in handy for when the game is released. Also we’ll start putting details from the brainstorming part of our Dreams Community Collab project. Ideas have been rolling in the Discord server and when something sticks, it will be put in that thread in the forums.

Your website profile is still currently being tweaked so pardon the dreamy dust. The same of course applies to the site itself. You’ve still got time to give us feedback and request features while we’re still in a beta development. Some of the features that are now in place have been requested by other users so you all make a difference. <3

We’ll have more to share with you soon. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. See you in Dreams!

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