Pre-Release Dreams PS4 Remix Challenge

Welcome PlayStation dreamers to our pre-release Dreams PS4 remix challenge here at PlayStation4Dreams! In celebration for the very ambitious sony exclusive being made, we take to Media Molecule’s newest PS4 game for some fun. While we wait for the Dreams PS4 beta release in 2016, we wonder how creative you can be right now. We’re putting up our first site challenge on remixing anything Dreams PS4 related. Remix gameplay videos, screenshots, anything involving Media Molecule’s Dreams.

In fact it’s already happened ever since on of the first Dreams on PS4 was revealed. In this remix of the Bear Dream, we get a closer look into what’s really inside that floating pyramid! There was also the pic that debuted during Paris Games Week showing Media Molecule getting ready for dreams Inception style!

This Dreams PS4 pre-release remix challenge will start November 1st and end December 1st at 12:00AM EST. We will see who can come up with the best video remix, and meme pic. What a way to help the time pass until PlayStation Experience and the Dreams PS4 Beta for 2016. Send in your work to the Dreams PS4 pre-release remix challenge thread on the forums before the challenge end date!

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Awesome! Have fun everyone!

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