Dreams PS4 Beta Groups and Collaborations

The Dreams PS4 Beta comes out early this year in 2016. We’re excited to see all the awesome things people will create and how it will influence the final game. Here at ImpSpace you can join or create a group on our forums with other dreamers. For instance the “MindF” group is all about the love of crazy jaw dropping moments.

It’s a great way to organize and work on different types of projects with everyone. Now’s a good time to invite people and start working on ideas you have before the DreamsPS4 Beta releases. Your work will also be featured on ImpSpace by tagging your content. We’ll also be sharing our top picks from the community.

Much like how Dreams PS4 is an evolving game influenced by the community, we are also working on things here at ImpSpace in the background. Stay tuned more info on Dreams PS4 by Media Molecule, and join us on our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and more!

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