The First Dreams Community Collab Project, and its Massive

To form something we must dream and act. A single thought can wrap up layer upon layer until you’ve realized you’ve gone places you never original thought of. Today ImpSpace announces we’re launching the very first Dreams PS4 community collaborative project. Since Media Molecule’s game Dreams is so massive, it’s a great time to start this with you all.


What type of project will we make with Dreams?

We’re not sure what type of Dreams project we’ll end up making because we’re collaborating with you all on it from the very start. This Dreams community is something special and we’ll need time to plan and make everything once the beta is released and Dreams goes gold. Much of the initial ideas for each stage of this Dreams community project will happen in the Dreams PS4 Discord server. The highlights and more solid concrete ideas will be transitioned to the ImpSpace forums where it’s more easily kept up with.


Anything is possible

We’ve seen the kind of amazing talent from the community so far with all kinds of things. From music, to artwork, to script and story-boarding, there’s been some pretty cool stuff shared with us. The project can be anything. We want to make sure as many people contribute to the first Dreams community collaborative project as possible. Make sure you’ve joined the Dreams PS4 Discord sever and while you’re at it, invite other creative people to join in on the project. Even if they don’t have a PS4, maybe they’ll end up having one of the most popular ideas for the first Dreams project.

This is an exciting time for us all and it will be an amazing journey. By the way, if you haven’t seen the ImpSpace Dreams short film “No Imps Dream” you should definitely check it out. It was a much smaller project done behind the scenes. Make sure you’re signed up up here at ImpSpace if you’re new so you can chat in the forums. Let us know your thoughts. You can keep up with more Dreams news and community events here at ImpSpace and on our social media pages.

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